Coco has been taking pictures since she was a little girl, she first got a clamshell camera, which her parents did not use anymore. She becomes the reporter of the group, she takes everything that surrounds her. Then, in 2014, she receives for Christmas a reflex. This reflex, brings her a new notion of photography, a little more assertive. She takes, her friends, then people she does not know. She has immediately an attraction for the human, it is an evidence.

Her camera is a way to express herself, to show the world her vision, and to create without limits.

In 2016, she came in second place at the competition Graine de Photographe Paris.

"I've always been passionate about psychology, so I wanted to go into psychology, a desire to help others since forever. But in psychology I spent my time going to Paris and I was training, I was doing shooting marathons during the weekends. So three months into college, I tell my mom, I'm leaving for BTS photography."

As soon as she entered BTS, in 2017, she knew she had to find the name that would follow her for a while. She keeps Coco, since that's what she's always been called, and Egia, which means Truth in Basque. She has no Basque origin, but as soon as she hears this word, she decides to put the two together.

After graduating from her BTS photography in 2019, done in Lyon. An exhibition on the subject of her thesis: drag queens. She works full time in her own company, for ethical fashion brands.

This moment of her life lasts, until 2021. At that time, she develops an activity around trauma healing. Life takes her on another path, that of accompaniment.

Having this new activity, she has to refocus her energy around photography and decides to find herself as an artist, since for some years she works for commissions.

In 2022, she decides to focus on her work as an artist, and to go further in her approach. To travel the world, to photograph women's from all over the world in her artistic vision of the world.

"I am passionate about transcribing people's souls into photographs. My healing activity and photography, brings me in a holistic approach, where one comes to create in depth. My artistic work, is based on the woman, the body and the nature, this deep connection to the world which surrounds us, to the respect of it, of the animals. I like to create beauty, and to touch the spectator in the emotion that I work with the model. The work of light is very important to me. I consider my universe as soft, warm, delicate, powerful. Turning around the emotions I can as much address the joy, the fact of becoming a child again, and the depth of sadness, anger but also just the fact of being. The idea is to go and discover who we are deep inside, what can we bring to others when we lift our societal mask."

Coco is a lover of life, who wishes to share her art to touch people's hearts. She is open to any type of project, which can unite with her universe.

Photo by Justine Robineau 

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